Monday, June 14, 2004

I had a bar-b-que for my birthday on Sunday. It was just lovely. We ate and ate. I made a great marinade with balsamic vinnegar, maple syrup garlic, thyme, evoo and rosemary. It was VERY tasty.

I'm a little sick. My throat hurts and I'm extra tired. I made some turkey burgers and salad for dinner and now I'm chilling with The Husband and watching T3, which I never got around to seeing. I wish our computers fixed themselves as fast as The Terminators.

The Boy is doing fabulous. He's pulling himself up to a standing position and he'll start cruising any minute. he's so obviously proud of himself every time he does it.

I'm reading "A Dark Adapted Eye" by Ruth Rendell. I saw a BBC miniseries based on it YEARS ago. I loved it, it was so spooky. But now I remember the little boy in it loses his family because his mother kills his aunt, and everybody is too ashamed of what happened to take him in. I can't bear stories about sweet little boys being unloved. I'm a big dork or a big softie. I can't quite make up my mind which.


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