Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Eric turns 13 months on Friday. It's so strange. We had this little tiny baby with skinny chicken-legs. Now we have this sturdy little guy that runs around constantly on chunky thighs and feet that feel like they're full of frosting when I squeeze them often.

He's been doing OK in daycare, but he was on the cusp between the baby room, and the toddler room. Today I came in and they told me we could start putting Eric in the toddler room. For the first time in over a month he didn't cry when I left.

I put him down in the toddler area and he almost shouted "My PEOPLE!! There you are!!" Or at least he would have if he could have shouted in English words. It sounded more like "ALLA BaBA!!" And he ran around the room touching everything, opening the cupboard doors on the play oven and refrigerator. Then he proceeded to walk up a short flight of stairs that leads to the indoor slide. I had no idea that he could do that. I called them about an hour ago, and they said he was having a good day. He only slept 40 minutes, but that's not so bad considering that it was his first day in a new room.

I'm so proud. I think he'll do much better with the structured days. The baby room is really chaotic with the babies crawling and crying and generally sticking to their own schedules. I just knew about a week ago that he was ready to move out of there. He was the only kid that was walking and even in that completely baby-proofed environment, he was trying to get into things that he shouldn't have. I'm so happy we got to move him early. I like his new teachers too. One of them is named "Ruthie" which is what they called my mom when she taught nursery school in the '70's.

The Syracuse thing is progressing. Or at least it seems to be progressing. Rich seems to have passed his second phone screen with the hiring manager. The HR person wasn't in today, and she'd be the one setting up the trip for him to go to Syracuse.

I am WAY calmer about this than I was a couple days ago. I think, in part, it's because I talked to my mother about it. She was really encouraging and reminded me that I have a very strong connection to that part of New York. But I feel connected to New York in general, having gone to College there, and spent a year in Albany after college. It's the only place I've lived besides here and I really like it. Plus I have Carolyn who would be a GREAT and wonderful aunty to Eric, especially when he gets a little older. So yaay, Mom. Once again she's surprised me being calm when I thought she'd be upset.

I feel a lot better, but I think Rich's anxiety level has increased. I'll have to make him a nice dinner and give him some beers tonight.


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