Friday, October 01, 2004

I was feeling pretty good last night after I watched the debates. I was so nervous, I was shivering. John Kerry has been my senator for 20 years, and I've never really formed an opinion of him -- other than one of total fury when he voted for the war in Iraq. Since I don't live in a swing state, it doesn't much matter what *I* think of Kerry. But last night, he blew me away. He was calm and confident and Bush was crabby and petulant. It was like that short lived Trey Parker sitcom about Bush. "Wah! Being the president is HARD, and this bully is picking on me!!!" Man he's dumb, and inarticulate. But he can be very charming, and Kerry can be very wooden. But Kerry was on last night. The press seems to be thankfully more interested in analyzing the factual nature of the debates and not the "body language." So I'm happy about that too.

I other more personal news... Eric is still so excited about his new classroom with the "big" kids that for the second day, he didn't cry. I put him down and he was off like a shot to play on the slide. What a positive change for him.

Once again he awakened around 3 this morning and fussed. He went right back to sleep once I went in and put his blanky back on him. I think he just gets cold. I tried turning the heat on, but that was too hot. Poor little Goldilocks!! Then of course I couldn't fall back to sleep after that. Not for hours. Fortunately, Rich got up early with The Boy this morning. I don't know what we're going to do when he goes back to work. It's just not going work if both of us are employed full time. On Wednesday I got to Eric's school around 5:35 and he was the last kid there. It's just stuff like that I don't know how to work out.

This whole Syracuse thing will solve the issue.. but that's still a long shot. And we'd lose more support by moving there than we have here. This whole work/baby balance is a conundrum to me.


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