Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Life is good. RICH GOT A JOB OFFER. And not just any job offer, it's for a company he really likes and they did ZERO jerking him around. They interviewed him, they liked him they offered him the job, and gave him the salary he asked for. Boom BOOM! Just like that. So many companies like to interview three dozen people 11 times each for a job they're going to hire an internal candidate for anyhow. For me the way they treated him speaks volumes about the nature of the new company. They are a good employer. He's supposed to get his letter via FedEx this afternoon.

We also got a contractor quote that's a little closer to what we want to spend on the Harrison Street addition, and I think there was a football game that New England won on Sunday. <> Just shows that God is on the side of the BLUE states this time around!!

I visited a daycare over the weekend that I had turned down last fall. It's just not geared towards working adults. They have a sliding scale that we'd be at the top of. It would be $400 more per month than we're paying now, for less teachers and we'd have to work there 4 hours per week. I guess it's really for graduate students, not working folks. It's too bad because they're 2 blocks from Harrison Street, and it's a great program. I feel a little excluded. I like the coop aspect, but it's just too much work. I really want to meet more people with kids. SO many of my friends with kids are completely busy 100% of the time (or they just don't like me :-) Sigh. Hopefully we'll get a spot at Zaida's old school. It's a little longer of a walk to get him all the way to Harvard Square, but at least he'll be right at the T so we would seldom be late to pick him up. That probably makes more sense anyhow.

Life is good.

Life is very good.


Blogger HappyPete said...

Congratulations to Rich! That's great news, I'm sure he is relieved. Job searching can be such a drag--for exactly the reasons you describe!

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