Saturday, February 05, 2005

What a blissful day. It went up to 55 degrees and we took Eric to the zoo. The Stone Zoo about 15 minutes or so from our house is tiny run-down but incredibly sincere and very fun for families with small children. An older kid might get bored, but Eric loves to watch the 'big kitties' jaguars, snow leopards and cougars. He also loves to splash in the puddles and run around outside. He cried when we put him back in the car. Like us, he is looking forward to Spring.

Helen our realtor came by today to appraise our place. It's worth pretty much what we thought. There is a lot of competition around, but our place is so unique that she was very confident that it would sell. It probably won't sell quickly, but it will sell.

Rich went to the Harvard Princeton game tonight so I had some time with the boy to myself. An excellent day.


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