Tuesday, January 18, 2005

When I started 'blogging in earnest I was so exhausted I could hardly type. Eric was learning to sleep through the night and it was a really difficult couple of months. Things have changed a lot since then.

Eric has a bedtime. He's almost always in bed by 8 at the latest depending on how tired he is. And more often than not, we don't hear from him until six AM. Rich still gets up with him. Sometimes he pops up at night and we go in to find him standing in his crib looking exhausted and bewildered. So we lay him back down, give him a little backrub and usually he's off to dreamland.

I'm still ruminating on the Dowd article. She said that high powered men don't want high powered women, they want their secretaries and PR assistants. However, I keep asking myself, Do high powered women want high-powered men? Just because a guy makes a lot of money, doesn't automatically make him a good husband. You don't need to be married to a CEO to have a successful marriage. In fact, those guys make crappy husbands and fathers simply because they're NEVER there. It's like being married to a checkbook and an empty chair. If a woman already earns a high six or seven figure salary, what's the point? Maybe high powered women are looking for something more than that? I just don't like the idea that the size of a mans paycheck determines whether or not he's a good husband.

At the end of the day, it's wonderful to come home to the person (male or female) who is actually there, and is absolutely thrilled to see you.

Maureen Dowd says that Carrie Fisher can't get a date. Jeez, is she too good to hang out with a cool but vaguely nerdy guy that loves Star Wars? Because I'm sure they'd be lining up to date her if she'd just give them a chance.

Nerdy men are really under-rated. I'm not talking scary-I-know-every-word-written-in-hitchhikers-Guide-to-the-Galaxy-by-heart -and-I-like-to-quote-it-constantly-nerdy. I just mean MIT frat-boy nerdy, and I know enough of those guys to know that they're decent earners, but even more importantly they're a very loyal, loving bunch. I should know, I'm married to one of them and been to many of their weddings.

You don't need great wealth to have a great life. In fact, it seems to make people really miserable. The saddest bunch of kids I knew in college were the wealthiest ones. They had a form of ennui that I've only ever seen in the very rich. Disaffected, parent-hating and entitled all rolled into one. There was one exception. There was this girl who drove a Jaguar and bummed gas money off her friends. She wore a mink coat around campus (this was when anti-fur activists were just as likely to dump paint on a fur coat as to look at you). She was one of the shallowest human beings I've ever met. But she seemed reasonably happy. No eating disorders or anything like that.


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