Sunday, January 09, 2005

I had a smashing morning with The Boy. He was just so snuggly. He kept running up to me and leaping into my arms and staying there.

Now, he doesn't want to take his nap. Rich is in there trying to convince him to go to sleep.

Rich and I simultaneously came to the conclusion that we have three months to do the small mountain of small home repairs and changes before we put the Condo on the market this April. We watch way too much HGTV (I think this is evidence of the onset of premature middle age). So, we have a lot of ideas about how people might see this place. There are little flaws with any place that you live with that might really stick out to people looking to buy it. Some are more obvious than others to me. For example, we have a drop-in spa tub that doesn't have a real enclosure. The original home owner just put plywood with ugly handles on the side of the tub. it's surrounded on three sides by the walls. We've painted it, but still it looks like cheap plywood. Since we have so much woodwork in the house, the easiest fix seems to be to put a stained wood panel with copper handles on it. Rich is going to take some pictures of the woodwork in our house to the fancy wood store and see if he can match it. Somebody told us that our wood is hard pine, which is almost impossible to get in the North East. It looks a little hickory. It has warm honey tones with dark amber grain running through it. He's been meaning to replace it for years, and now we have to.

We also want to replace the cheesy and cheap track lights in the upstairs living room. And we want to paint the upstairs living room. I signed up for a course called "how to choose the perfect paint color" at Cambridge Adult Education. I need this class. I'm almost never happy with the colors I choose. There's about 20 little things like this that we need to do. Sigh. It is a lot, isn't it? We've known we're moving for SO long, you'd think we'd have gotten a bit of a jump on it. But I think that was part of the problem. We had two years to do it, so the time seemed virtually unlimited. Oh well. I think we can get a lot of it done.


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