Thursday, January 06, 2005

I just found out that somebody is teaching a class at Emerson called: Deconstructing TV's Buffy. On the one hand, I'd so love to audit this class. However it's nearly 4 hours per week, and there goes my lunch because I need to drop off and pick up The Boy most days so, it's not like I can get to work or leave early most of the time.

Also, would taking a college course on Buffy ruin the mythology of it, or would it enhance it? I've been so lamenting Buffy's demise lately and would like nothing more than to be the BIGGEST DORK EVER and spend a few hours a week reliving one of my favorite entertainment experiences to date. However, would we make up words to analyze episodes, words like "synergy" and "problematization?" Or would I see things in my favorite show that I've never seen before. My beautiful and wonderful (can you tell she reads my blog?) friend Kimberly is going to see if the professor would be in to letting me audit. So, we'll see where this goes.

Boy is on the mend, and Rich just called me from home to tell me that out of the blue Eric started blowing kisses. I blew them both one was I ran out the door this morning. Then six hours later, he started doing it himself.

He's just SO dreamy.


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