Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Eric no longer cries when we take him to daycare. This is a blessing. He has such a good time there. He can't wait to start playing. It makes me feel a lot better about working. Mondays are tough on me because I miss Eric so much, but by Tuesday I'm in a little more of a rhythm.

After I dropped him off this morning I saw something a little disturbing in another classroom. In the pre-K classroom this woman was yelling at the kids. "I told you to stay away from those books!" and she yanked the little girl away from them and made her cry. Another parent watched me witness the exchange and she begged me to say something to Elizabeth the director. She said she had complained about that teacher before and nearly pulled her kid out of Toddler 2 because of her. I've never heard that tone of voice used in that building and I was really shocked.

Do I say something? She's not my kids teacher, but what she was doing was so wrong. But it's kind of none of my business.

Update: I did call the center director and she thanked me and said that it was information she needed to have. I did feel a lot better after I made that call. My sister pointed out that if it was MY kid, an another parent witnessed the exchange I sure hope they would say something. So, when I thought about it that way, I had call the director.


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