Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well, the whole Syracuse thing has FINALLY been resolved. Rich found out he didn't get the job. But we still don't know why he was vetoed. According to his headhunter, the HR person and the Hiring manager both wanted him. I am sad and happy. But Rich doesn't seem to be too discouraged by it and had all sorts of new ideas today about how to deal with it.

So, we're kind of back to square one. But the good part is that he knows what he wants to do with his life now. He wants to work in medical devices/medical software. And that's a lot more than he knew when he quit his job in July. I'm just so glad we know, so he can put his heart into searching for something else. He's still keeping an open mind about applying to jobs in other places. But I'm just as happy to stay here. I want to live in our house. We just finished moving the fence to reflect our actual property line. Which for some reason wasn't built on the property line in the first place, thus making our yard half the size it should have been. Now we have a huge yard, big enough for a play structure and I'm thrilled. Eric will have a big safe driveway to ride around in a bigwheel when he's old enough. And around here, that's not so common.

I have lost my voice along with 49% of America. Both literally, as in I can't talk, and figuratively as in I don't think the laws of this country will reflect my values for a long time. See my ranty-rage below. Or not. I feel bad that I snapped at a Republican co-worker by point out that she'd be back in Russia soon. And at least she was appropriately horrified when I informed her about Ashcroft subpoening women's medical records a few months ago. Like many Americans who vote Republican on principal, she doesn't pay attention to the details of what's really going on. But I shouldn't have done that.

Eric is doing well. We moved him into daycare three days a week and he has a great time there. And he takes long naps there as well. So I am thankful that it worked out so well.

Onto some work now.


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