Monday, October 25, 2004

We had a very fun adventure weekend with The Boy. Saturday we went and visited our friend Patty who lives in Salem, MA home of the infamous Salem witch trials. We go up every October and hang out to celebrate Halloween. We also discovered that Salem in all its coolness has a very fun Children's Museum that is basically an indoor playspace for toddlers and young children. Eric had a blast rolling in the indoor sandbox, playing on the pirate ship and banging on toy drums in the music room. So fabulous.

Sunday we went apple picking at Honey Pot Hill in Stowe, MA. They have a very toddler friendly petting-zoo area. It's just a big flat area where The Boy could run all around. The weather wasn't terribly cooperative, but it was so fun to run around with him. There were tons of toddlers all around us.

Rich is off to Syracuse for his interview tomorrow. I'm excited and sad about it. I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen. But I so don't want anything to change. I fear change. But change can be really good. I'm looking forward to doing the mom thing for a while. I miss Eric so much when I'm at work it really hurts.


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