Saturday, October 02, 2004

I think if I ever wrote a book on parenting it would be called. I would never do that. And other idiot things people think before they have kids.

I was always creeped out by nursing toddlers. I would sit agape watching some mom whip out her breast when her child walks yanking at her blouse. Ewwwe.. I would say silently. I'm never going to nurse my kid once he can WALK. I figured my son would just stop nursing by the time he was walking. HA!! When he's tired and spinning and generally freaking out, the only thing that works is nursing. It's also the only time when he tugs at me and actually says: "Mamma Mamma." When he's not trying to nurse, he calls me and everything else "Da Da." It's pretty cute. I don't feel like I need to wean him completely. I want him to nurse once a day before bedtime so he doesn't get too sick at daycare. My sister quit nursing more or less cold turkey when my niece was around 18 months and my mom just held her and rocked her (my niece not my sister) and after two days she pretty much forgot about it.

We visited Rich's cousins out in Groton today. They're in the process of putting in MY dream kitchen. I think mine would be a little more classic than their is modern but it's BEAUTIFUL. They have shaker style cherry cabinets and really deep patterned greenish/gray granite countertops. They've got a giant subzero fridge just waiting to go into a huge slot. I'm so jealous!! It's stunning. If we don't move to Syracuse I think that's what the kitchen at Harrison street will end up looking like. Except ours will be smaller and we probably won't buy the stainless steele appliances. We may do birch instead of cherry because I like the deep patterns in the wood. I love fancy kitchens.

That's about it for tonight. I'm going to space out in front of the fire for a while...


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