Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I was late for work again this morning. That's two days in a row my boss has seen me do the sheepish-walk-of-shame down the corridor directly in front of his office. This morning Eric work up at 5:45 and came into bed with mom and dad. After 45 minutes of nursing/breakdancing we all fell back to sleep. Until 8:30. I got to work at 9:30 and the fact that I wasn't later was a miracle. The Commuting Gods smiled upon me on this Autumn morning.

Another amazing milestone or two this week. Yesterday when Rich and Eric were playing between babysitters, he started clapping his hands. SO cute. Today, Rich called to ask me some mundane question about what I need from the store and he put Eric on the phone and he almost said Hi, MOM. It sounded more like "hamma!!" But it was very cool.

This year is so amazing in general. I know so many two year olds you can have conversations with. And that's like 11 months away.

In other news, the Syracuse thing is progressing slowly but strangely. Instead of flying Rich out there, the hiring manager and HR person happen to be in Boston next week, so he's going to meet with them here. We'll see what happens. Rich was a little despondent over the weekend about his job search, but seemed much more upbeat by Monday. He did a whole bunch of follow up. I alternate between being completely stressed out about watching our savings account balance get lower. Then I know in my heart he's so brilliant and fabulous and that something wonderful will come out of this. So, I just need a little patience. Not many dads get to spend this much time with their kids. He's more fun than me. He gets down on the floor and plays and plays. I'm a little more exhausted by the time I see him, so I just play (as opposed to playing and playing).


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