Friday, October 08, 2004

Today was not such a good day. And it's only 9:30 and I'm kind of considering it a wash. I've been sick since Wednesday. I left work at noon on Wednesday and had a lovely time getting home waiting and waiting for busses and the T. Public transportation in Boston is SUCH a mess. I don't know why they can't at least have the busses run on time in the middle of the day when there is no traffic.

So anyhow. I didn't go to work yesterday. I had a slight fever and felt generally crappy and stuffy. It was one of the days that Rich is home with Eric so we got some family time with me in my getting-stinkier-by-the-minute-but-I-don't-care-because-I'm-sick pajamas, Rich and The Boy.

But Eric was a little cranky because his teeth are really bothering him. Then this morning he work up at 5:45 and cried and fussed until 8 and his advil kicked in. Then I brought him to school -- he was still a little fragile and he walked up to this older girl who was coloring on the table. She turned around an thumped him twice.

I took issue about this on a couple of levels. One, the girl was older and belonged in the two-year-old room. The other issue was that they didn't remediate it. They asked her if she wanted to go back in her own classrooms, to which she gave a typical two-year-old NO! And they kind of let it go. I glared at her and said "It's not nice to hit people." But I felt very helpless. The director was standing right there and didn't really deal with the situation. Rich is off talking to some guy at Fidelity so I couldn't get in touch with him. So, I did what any normal person would do and called my mom. She said to sit down with the director and try to understand the groundrules about having the bigger kids in the class with the littler kids.

I am not looking forward to this conversation.


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