Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I am devastated. I barely slept last night. I kept checking my computer to see what happened in Ohio.

Now I'm just angry and disgusted with my fellow Americans. Over the next four years we will see:

The disintegration of Rowe V. Wade, criminalization of abortion, and government intervention into women's medical files.
More terrorist attacks courtesy of 300 tons of explosives looted from Iraq
Another four million people will lose their healthcare
Another four years of poluters given license to leak mercury into our drinking water and CO2 into our air.
Further blurring of the line of Church and State

A long time ago, an English friend said to me: "If Margaret Thatcher gets elected again I will lose faith in democracy."

I think I'm at that point. I wish this country could split in two. Let the South secede and legislate their Evangelical Christian laws on each other. Leave our secular democracy alone.


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