Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween was so fabulous. We took Eric and my niece Zaida to the Franklin Park Zoo where we looked at animals and did some trick-or-treating. Eric chose a spider costume, a black and gray sweatsuit thing with a face on the hood and little bumps for spider legs poking out of the seams down the sides.

He was literally the cutest person EVER.

I feel pretty awful today. Everybody I know is biting their nails one way or the other about the election. I know two very nice men named Ben who both like Bush and seem pretty confident that he'll win. But I think they're wrong. I think Kerry has a real shot and so many people I know will be devistated if K looses. Salon did a cellphone poll of folks without land lines. They went for Kerry 55 to 40, and those folks are 6% of the voting-aged population.

Rich doesn't think we'll have an answer until Wednesday about Syracuse and that's making me insane.

Another thing that is challenging my sanity, is my Comcast broadband connection. Somebody on my node has a rogue DHCP server that's giving me a bogus IP address on both my router and my cable modem. It's a nightmare. Comcast really doesn't think it's their problem, and I have no idea how to track this person down. So, my Internet connection has been down intermittently for days and there's NOTHING I can do.

Grrr Arg.


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