Friday, October 29, 2004

I think we're in the home-stretch. Rich had his interview in Syracuse on Wednesday, and it was fabulous by his account, and he's a pretty modest guy. They had one more person to interview yesterday, and then they'll let us know sometime early next week. I've kind of resigned myself to moving. I'm 50% excited and 50% WHAT-THE-F***K. I worked so hard to carve out a life for myself as an adult after I moved back here after college. Most of my high-school friends had hightailed it to California or New York. Plus I was living with my parents for a couple years too long. But I got it together and made friends and through them, I met Rich-The-Fabulous. The thought of starting over is daunting. But it's somewhat easier to make friends through your kids. I'm hoping to find a cooperative daycare for him. That way I can be involved in his school and meet people that way.

Turns out I'm not the only insane person that thought the redsox and the election were connected. It's just a gut level feeling. Totally irrational and completely unshakeable. Now that we've won, I feel pretty good about Kerry's chances on Tuesday.

Still biting my nails about the election. I feel like there's so much more I should be doing. But given my mom-status, and my fulltime job, I just don't think I can handle going up to New Hampshire to try to get democrats to the polls.

I'm a little tired today. Eric got up at quarter-to-six this morning and wept and thrashed in our bed until about seven. I gave him a teaspoon of ibuprofin, and within a half hour he was cheerful again. He's got a mouth full of bumps that will become teeth in the near future, but it's taking forever.

I gave him a bunch of cottage cheese and noodles for dinner the other night and he SNARFED it down like it was candy. Cottage cheese and noodles is one of my favorite comfort foods in the world. You make it with wide egg-noodles and full-fat cottage cheese. I ate it constantly when I was pregnant. (And incidentally so did my mother when she was pregnant with me). I'm very happy about Eric's new found enjoyment of pasta. My friend Lissie's baby eats tofu and peas. I can't even imagine Eric eating that. But I should try the peas. They're pretty sweet, so he might like them.

Any ideas for what to pack in his lunchbox??? He only likes most foods warm.


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