Thursday, November 11, 2004

I just wrote a whole post and it disappeared when I tried to spellcheck it. Fucking Windows XP. Actually this was google's fault. I tried to allow pop-ups so I could spellcheck it. Then my window refreshed and I lost what I was trying to say.

Anyhow.. I was talking about how depressed I am about the election. I really think these people can stick their thumbs in their ears and close their eyes to global warming and other unmitigated environmental disasters. Fucking tree-haters. What did a tree ever do to them?

I may have to start taking my Zoloft again if this keeps up. It's getting harder and harder to function. My raged has passed. In part because of Sorry Everybody. This is where we all apologize to the world for allowing Bush's re-election to take place. There are so many folks from Germany that posted on there "We made a mistake and you forgave us." That really hits home. Also, it's hard to ignore that 45% of the people in most of the red states haven't lost their minds. it makes it much harder to think of the South as a sweltering cesspool of ignorance and hypocrisy. just 55% of it...

As a Jewish person, this election is particularly terrifying. The parallels between Bush and Hitler, from a historical perspective are many. Plus the first people that Hitler rounded up were the gays. This anti-gay rhetoric cuts right into my soul. Then Hitler went for the dissidents and the Jews and years later, America stopped them. But who will stop Bush? There are laws that say that he can round up ordinary Americans on secret charges. What is stopping them from coming for the Liberals or the Jews. They don't even need to let you know what you're charged with.

I have mixed feelings about the investigations that are going on about the elections. While they have no chance of overturning the results, I'm hoping they'll expose some dirty tricks that are at least traceable to some senior officials in Florida and Ohio. That's all I ask is PLEASE let them get caught.


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