Friday, November 19, 2004

I've just realized that W's second term will have more immediate effects of me and my family than I thought. I am devastated. If the administration gets it's latest tax proposal( through, our taxes will increase significantly. But more importantly, if the federal government stops providing business with a tax deduction for employer-provided health coverage, Rich may not be able to provide our family with health care through his job. If the international boycott of US goods and services gains traction, that will mean the recession at home will deepen. Although he is looking to work in medical devices/medical software, those industries could still be squeezed by the weakening dollar and lack of health-care deductions for their employees. Therefore, it would be very irresponsible for me to leave my job for a part time one.

This is devastating. I'll feel like a bad mother if I have to keep my baby in full time care for his entire toddlerhood. But it would be even worse if many employers give up on providing healthcare and I had given up my stable job. As a college my employer is already exempt from Federal taxes, so the new deductions --or lack thereof will not effect them.

But how would I feel if I left this job for a less stable part-time one, and Rich ended up without insurance?

I'll leave it up to God like most Americans. I'm offering up. How do I sacrifice the quality of my kid's childhood by not being around?

I'm so sorry that 51% of America is so foolish.


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