Thursday, January 13, 2005

We've got contractor number three coming over tonight to look at drawings for Harrison Street. A google search showed him in the "" --a gay and lesbian directory of pretty much everything. I thought that was kind of cool. I don't care if he's gay or not, I care that he's progressive enough to even think to advertise in there. So, kudos to the new guy. Got an e-mail from the first Contractor Steve. I think we'll get pricing from him in a few weeks. And I'm not sure when I'll hear back from the second contractor StevEN. He takes a while, but I know he does good work.

My father thinks we need dozens of quotes. But the whole think is going to be totally moot if Mr. Smoochieface, my cute husband is not employed by say April. But things are moving. I'm praying a lot and we'll see what happens.

Eric's has a delightful new habit. Now when I pick him up from school his face lights up and he says "Ma Mamma!" and runs over to me and jumps into my arms. Wow. It's humbling and completely excellent at the same time.

He's the best. I'm just crazy about that boy!


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