Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What the heck is this? I'm having anxiety dreams about my husband's new job tomorrow. I dreamed he was much older and frail, and I was his trophy wife. But the feelings I had for him were definitely my feelings that I only have for Rich: That mixture of total devotion, admiration and faith, combined with a shake of frustration and a whole lot of laughs. But in this dream he was small and a little doddering. They took us to a compound for a corporate "retreat" but we soon realized that we were prisoners, and I had to distract a guard so he could get away.

I guess I really want this job to work out. But I don't really worry about him getting kidnapped by corporate terrorists. Oh well, the subconscious is a mystery.

We gave away our couch last night. I posted it on Craigslist and somebody came and got it. Rich and I found it in a used furniture store for $75 about six years ago. And we definitely got our $75 worth. She seemed really excited about it, so we were happy. We are trying to minimize our decor to sell our house, and we didn't want to move it to the new house. It was kind of sentimental, we refinished the wood together, but you have to get rid of old furniture, or you'll never get new furniture. My parents have these crappy white particle-board bookcases in their bedroom that they've had for 20 YEARS. They bought them as "temporary" furniture and never bought nice ones. I have a rule that we're aren't allowed any particle-board veneered stuff. I did break that for a Target bookcase we have in the baby's room. But that was a special case. We were poor and we really needed SOMETHING in there to hold the vast quantities of baby STUFF we were accumulating very quickly.

So, that's the news of the moment.

Pea Salad (this is what I heard when people said "Peace Out" to each other in the early '90's)


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