Friday, April 01, 2005

Calming down a little

So, my dad submitted the drawings to the Somerville building department to get our building permit. It's a process that he's helped a lot of people through. The permitting application was less expensive than we anticipated, however we have to get a stamped survey, which will cost about a grand. It's so weird how all the different cities have a different set of requirements. Cambridge, which is far more conservative than Somerville with its building practices, does NOT require a stamped survey. But Somerville does. But Cambridge charges 10x as much for the permit as Somerville, so maybe they have their own surveyors and they do it themselves.

Our contractor is getting the pricing together based on a list of subtractions we gave him. So, that's moving right along.

I'm thinking of going to "Residential Design 2005 to check out the latest and greatest things we can't afford in home design. But I've been really getting interested in architecture and design lately. I thought it would be really fun to walk around and see all the exhibits. Maybe they'll have samples of copper countertops.

But don't tell my father!!


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