Monday, March 21, 2005

We had our first open house on Sunday. Alas, we got no offers but it's not for any lack of preparedness on our part. Everybody loved it, and I think they're ruminating on it for a few days. But it really did look lovely.

We're just so exhausted. Eric was sick on Saturday and Sunday and we just cleaned and cleaned. But now it's done. The house is clutter free, and we just have to keep it cleared off and vacuumed and it's good to show.

Poor Eric though. He spent most of yesterday in my lap and producing vast quantities of unspeakable glop. A very challenging day of parenting. At the behest of the nurse at our doctor's office, I started giving him Pedialite, instead of juice and water and the diarrhea seems to have abated. Thank GOD. Poor little bubby. He really felt lousy.

But today, he seems more or less back to his old self. We went to the playground for a little while and he seemed to enjoy that quite a bit. He got really mad at me when I wouldn't let him go down the big slide by himself. But I can live with that.


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