Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday is Boy-Day
Rich is working on a deadline and has been working long hours, especially on the weekends. So the last two weekends I've had E to myself all afternoon. Man, it's fun but I could not do this full time. It's exhausting.

He slept from 12-3 then we went to a park in Arlington with my sister and my friend Emily. Then we came back here for dinner and we went to the playground around the corner for a while. He watched a group of girls play basketball and they played with him a little. Then we came back here for a tubby and then he said "Bed Bed!" so I put him to bed.

Now I am SO tired. But to his credit it is getting easier. We can sit on the floor and play. But he has this annoying habit of going into the pantry and asking for things. Then when I hand him something he says NO BAR, NO SAUCE or whatever. So we leave the pantry and five minutes later we repeat the exercise.

He does dance to all kinds of music. He bends his knees, sticks out his butt and bounces up and down with this huge grin on his face. I think Toddler Dancing should be the new national pastime. I find it SO much more entertaining than baseball.


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