Thursday, March 15, 2007

I haven't posted a firm, strongly-worded letter in a while. So here's one I wrote to after they pissed me off.

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing about a very bad experience I had with your company.

I placed this order a couple of weeks ago. I placed a car seat in my cart, and then found a high chair and placed it in my cart. I checked the cart, the high chair was there, but the car seat was not, so I hit the back button and found the car seat and added it again, figuring I hadn't done it properly the first time.

I clicked through the payment fields and confirmed the order. Once I got the confirmation e-mail I realized immediately that I had two car seats and no high chair.

As per your policy, I called within the hour to cancel the order. However, there was nobody there to take the call. I hit 1 for sales, your phone system went through a series of clicks and hung up on me. It did this about 4 times.

So, I sent an e-mail to try to cancel the order. I called at 9:01 the next morning as soon as you opened and I was told the car seats had already shipped. However, since I had tried to cancel the order within the alloted time, and your voice mail system was not working, you would try to make an exception and pay to ship it back.

Because of this I did NOT refuse delivery on the car seats when they arrived. Then I called customer service and was told that if I were to return the car seat, shipping was my problem. However, it would cost me over $30 to ship this back UPS, as I am not entitled to any bulk discounts.

I think that given the fact that you have no mechanism for canceling an order outside of business hours that you should pay to ship this back. I was also told by one of your customer service representatives that this would likely be the case.

Thanks in advance,

Margaret Sanford

Here is their pathetic response:

I do apologize as this order was entered by the customer and the order was placed for two car seats. We are unable to pick up the cost of the reshipment back to our warehouse. I do apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you


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