Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gluten Free for Five Days

He still says his stomach hurts, but his appetite is definitely increasing. A couple of other "things" are looking more normal to. But in the spirit of TMI I will spare you the details here, but it rhymes with "shmoop."

We went to the Oxford Spa in Cambridge yesterday and Kaylee and I shared a chocolate cookie, and Eric got a gluten free brownie. They have a LOT of GF stuff there. And I am thrilled to report that it was really good. I am super picky about brownies, and this was just a good brownie, not a a good GF brownie. So, if I can learn how to make brownies like that, I think we're in good shape.

We still don't have an appointment scheduled at Children's. We're waiting for our doctor's office to get their act together and my patience is running a little thin. They just delivered life changing test results on Thursday night and I have not had a call returned since then.

Not happy about that. But life is good other than that.


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