Monday, August 20, 2007

Switchen' the Kitchen

My kitchen has been gluten free since the middle of June. To tell the truth, I really don't miss it at all. I could probably keep bread safely away from other ingredients, but I haven't missed it. I use corn tortillas for most things that I would have used bread for. And the dinners I make tend to be a meat a starch and a vegetable. The starch is almost always rice or potatoes and occasionally gluten free pasta.

I make 99% of the sauces that go on the food from fairly basic ingredients. I've never used spice packs, (which frequently contain gluten) so they're not something that I'd really miss.

If I had to give up dairy or eggs, I would be very sad.

It's kind of silly because Eric wouldn't touch anything I cook for the rest of the family with a ten foot pole. But Kaylee really likes my cooking. She likes curries and things with lots of flavor. And Then the food falls off of her clothes around the house. (K's inherited her brother's disdain for all things bibs. She screams until she has removed the offending garment.) So, it's nice to have a safe place for him to be. Even if it's messy, it's still safe for him.

Yesterday, my friend and I played a game of "If we had unlimited money, how would life change?"

My changes would be:
  • A house keeper about three times per week to make the house really clean and shiny.
  • I'd finish the master bath, which is a roughed in shell that we deliberately didn't finish to save $$ when we renovated our house.
  • I'd probably put Kaylee in the toddler room at Eric's school half time.
  • I'd get a horse
  • Work more on my writing.

At this point, those are about the only things I'd change about my life if money weren't an issue. They're all pretty superficial. So, I think I'm pretty lucky.


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