Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Frankenstein Electrical Circuit in My Brain

I started my job today, part time. The weirdest thing about this, is that I haven't done any IT stuff in nearly 2 years and the information is all there, but it's not at my fingertips like it used to be. I left work about the first week of April in 2006 and haven't given computers or networks a thought until the last few weeks. So, I find myself scrambling to remember phrases like "Instructional Technology" and "MDF."

The old cogs are starting to turn and the crud is being cleaned out of them. I should have my regular knowledge back in a couple of weeks. But it's really hard standing there dumbstruck grasping for my vocabulary. It's like I've forgotten an entire language.

OK, it's not that dramatic. I forgot one word today, but it pissed me off.



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