Saturday, November 17, 2007

Plague BEGONE!

I don't know if I need a doctor or an exorcist at this point. I started getting sick on MONDAY and I'm still not right. I thought my greasy Chinese dinner on Thursday meant I was cured. But I still can't look at ingredients without extreme nausea. Eric is much more energetic, but is still not eating anything but juice and Pedialyte. He is complaining less about his stomach, but since a tummy ache was status quo for so long with him, it's a little hard to tell what's really going on with that. Kaylee, however is mostly perky except for a plethora of lengthy tantrums about playing with the light switches. Tantrums which I can studiously ignore for roughly 10 minutes. Then I start the peace offerings.

"Do you want some juice?"


"Are you hungry?"


"Do you want to snuggle mommy?"


"Do you just want to lay there and cry for a while?"


Can't argue with that. So I do.

I know... I'll go to the bank and start the therapy account for her too.


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