Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome to Barf Fest 2007!

Warning: Parental Post Regarding Bodily Fluids Follows. Do NOT READ if you are offended by such things!

Kaylee had puke in her bed on Monday morning. Sometime in the wee hours she barfed, howled and went right back to sleep. She frequently yelps in the night and puts herself back to sleep. But this was the one time when we really should have checked.

I threw out her sheet and stuck her in the bath first thing.

But she seemed fine all day. Then she puked on her way back from the mall in the car. Couldn't throw the car seat away, so I got that all cleaned up.

Then the next night I got it. Tuesday was a nightmare of feverish bathroom visits.

I'll say no more.

And today Eric has it. He was a little off this morning. Then his school called around 10:30 and said come and get him. "That boy ain't right."

And he wasn't. He's been "lying around being sad" much of the afternoon with a few barf breaks. He's farting like a hungover frat boy. But if his pattern is the same as me and Kaylee's, his nausea should be about gone. It will be followed by roughly 24 hours of limited consciousness. One plus day of limited appetite, followed by an intense craving for copious amounts of Chinese food. OK, Eric wouldn't and actually couldn't eat Chinese food (soy sauce contains gluten) but I'm sure he'll be ravenous by Sunday night.

I hope Rich doesn't get this. I'll be on my own with them all day tomorrow and I'll really need a break this weekend. And I will not get that with incapacitated husband.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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