Friday, November 09, 2007

Strictly Ballroom

Rich and I took a ballroom dancing lesson last night at the Fred Astaire Dance studio in Belmont. It was our second lesson from a free introductory package that Rich got for driving a crazy lady to her car.

OK, that probably requires more explanation. He was getting a donut on his way to work, and this woman jumped into his car and asked if he was going to Porter. He was too surprised to say no, and he ended up driving her to the impound lot to find her car. She thanked him by sending us a gift certificate for 2 free introductory lessons at the dance studio where she worked.

It NEVER would have occurred to us to take a dance lesson otherwise. We actually really liked it. It was a nice date night. We had a 1/2 hour lesson that was like dancing while hugging your best friend. The instructor asked if we'd ever watched "Dancing with the Stars." I said, "No, but I've seen the movie Strictly Ballroom about 7 times." This is true.

I'm not sure if we're ready to pay for dance lessons, but we're actually considering it. It's kind of expensive, but it was really time well spent. The instructors were really perky and supportive and not even remotely put off by the number of left feet in the room. It's good exercise, and other than hiking, it's one of the few things that he and I can do together.

Something to think about.


In other totally randomness, I saw REM on Sesame Street surrounded by Muppets singing Little Furry People Holding Hands.

Was it really cool, or was I a dork for loving it?

Don't answer that.


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