Monday, November 26, 2007

My Olde Bloge

I realized I've had this blog since 2002, although technically I've only really been updating it since 2004, it seems like a long time.

I've also noticed lots of traffic to my site lately that I have NO idea where it came from. Universal Hub picked up a post about a week ago, but I've gotten a bunch of hits beyond that.

I've also noticed that a lot of folks find this blog when looking for information about Samuel Doppelt, the surgeon who did my knee back in 2005. I want to provide a little update to the insane letter I wrote and never sent. From about 1994-2005 I had terrible right knee problems. My knee would lock up and gradually my range of motion and my ability to exercise became nil. I had given up on ever being able to squat down and hug my kids, or get something out of a low cupboard without sitting on my butt. Finally after it got to the point where I could no longer take a reasonable sized walk without my knee locking up, or climb up or down a steep step without sitting on my butt and easing down, I decided I couldn't live with such limited mobility.

Dr. Doppelt performed the surgery in June of 2005 and the results were minimal at best for the first year. This was most likely because I got pregnant with Kaylee a couple of months after the surgery and promptly gained about a million pounds. OK, it was more like fifty, but I was pretty hefty until she popped out.

About two months after the baby weight came off, I could squat down on my haunches for brief periods of time. My knee has not locked up since. It did briefly swell up a month or so ago, causing it to stiffen, but it wasn't painful. Now, as long as my weight stays under a certain point I have a full range of motion. I can run, squat, climb up and down, ride a bike and do pretty much anything I want. So, although the week following surgery was one of the most painful, humiliating, confusing weeks of my life, the surgery was ultimately a success.

In other news, I'm starting work on Thursday and I'm a little nervous, but fairly psyched.


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