Sunday, March 09, 2008

What's that following me around? It's a GIGANTIC ball of stress!

I'm leaving at six for my first business trip in over three years. Usually when I get on a plane, I am trying to make sure my entire family gets on it with me and I am too busy to stress too much.

See, I HATE flying. I really hate it. I hate airports, and flight attendants and sharing tiny spaces with complete strangers. I hate Lilliputian bathrooms with toilets that seem able to suck the entire contents of the restroom with each flush.

Plus, I'm leaving my family for three days and that's stressful. But it's also kind of exciting to go be a grownup for three days. I'm attending a conference in a warm place and I'm staying at a resort.

It could be worse. I'll be fine once I'm actually on the plane, but right now I am truly queasy.


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