Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Life in T-Shirts

I was clearing out my drawers today and found a 25 year old T-Shirt.

It was given to my sister around 1985 when she turned 20. It says: twentysomething in the font from the TV show thirtysomething. My dad used to play basketball in it. It's huge and I generally use it as a nighty in the summer. It's a faded brown where it used to be a dark black and the fabric is so thin I wouldn't be surprised if it disintegrated in the night.

I found a sweatshirt from 1989 that says "Sarah Lawrence Department of Athletics" that I got for my participation on the Equestrian Team.

I found a California Berkeley sweatshirt that I swapped my sister for when we were both in college in '91. The sleeves are frayed and there's little holes around the edge of the hood.

I found a frayed green T-Shirt from the art institute of Chicago that I got for my dad in about 1995 that says "Architecture" with a dictionary definition of it. Somehow I ended up back with it. You can barely read the words now they are so faded.

I found a T-shirt that said "Beehive 1.0" from about 1999 from one of my start up jobs at the long defunct

I found a long sleeved T from Networld, an exhibit I worked on at the Museum of Science and Technology in Chicago from 2000; Also from a defunct startup.

How did my clothes get so old? How did I get so old?


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