Monday, March 24, 2008

Been thinking a lot about food lately

I've made the mental leap and decided to join a CSA this summer. I found one that has a pick up in Harvard Square on Wednesday afternoons. It's about three blocks from my office on a day where I'm there all day. There is the part where I lug 15 lbs of veggies home every week, but I'm strong like Bull! I haul my nearly 25lb daughter a half mile on a regular basis.

This is a huge turning point for me. I've been obsessed with the cost of groceries lately, and getting good bargains. But this is the opposite. It is definitely more expensive than Market Basket. With the most recent price increases across the board, suddenly the CSA premium doesn't seem so daunting. Plus big agribusiness is totally starting to skeve me out. I like the thought of knowing where my food comes from.

I actually wanted to do a meat CSA, because we are generally carnivorous folks. Rich doesn't eat beans and we both HATE pretty much anything with soy, so our vegetarian entre options are quite limited. It's probably more important in the scheme of things to know where your meat is coming from than your veggies, but I'll do this one step at a time. The farmer from the CSA I want to join, might hook up with a meat producing Massachusetts farm for next year. I spend a lot of time in Western MA in the summer and I can buy meat locally from the farmers there too.

Then my mom wanted to go in on the share, so it looks like my whole family will be supporting local farmers even more than we usually do. We generally spend lots of money every Saturday Morning at the Greenfield Farmer's Market from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

I'm kind of excited about this. With the extra income from my job, it makes sense to spend it (in part) on the "locavore" movement. So for this summer and fall, my produce will come from Belchertown.


Blogger Downpuppy said...

Gee, only 80 miles away. But this isn't the blog where I rant about sprawl...

This is where I fess up to having started to go to Haymarket. Not that the produce bills are too much, it's more the excitement of getting 4 lbs of tomatoes & a tub of strawberries for next to nothing, & the fun of making a really huge pot of sauce.

Another way to have fun is to buy a whole pineapple. It doesn't take much to amuse me these days, & having a huge ugly pineapple in the middle of the table is plenty.

Plus, they're yummy.

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