Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Flower Show

Either one of my children is barking or there is a dog somewhere outside my house.

We went to the Spring Flower Show at the Bayside Expo Center today. The kids were just spectacular. This is one of those days that I will cling to in my heart when it's hailing outside and the kids are tearing strips off of each other and the house is in chaos and it's hours until bedtime and there's no calvary on the way. I will try to remember today somewhere in the recesses of my fraying mind.

I love the flower show. It comes at this time of year when your eyes are so starved for verdant colors. Everywhere you turn there's waterfalls rushing over broad rocks and walls of shelves covered in orchids. There was a two person band there, a husband and wife who played guitar and fiddle. The kids were dancing in the aisles to the bluegrass music. I heard the song Funky Ceili (pronounced Kaylee) for the first time and Kaylee totally rocked out to it.

Eric and I picked out some tulips together and now the house is full of flowers and lavender. Rich took the kids to the park while I made dinner and we had a nice family dinner and all ate some iteration of the same food.

It was a magical day in its simplicity.


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