Sunday, June 29, 2008

North Point Park

Following a tip from today's Globe (paper edition --couldn't find it on line) we we went down to the new North Point Park. It's kind of across the McGrath O'Brien from the Science Museum. The article said that it's been "unofficially open" with very little fanfare since December. But why?

It. Was. Fabulous. There were FOUR sets of playground equipment for kids ranging from about 2 to 12. It juts out over the water. You can see the Zakim Bridge, the Amtrak trains, and drawbridges and Duckboats galore. In other words the surroundings were more fascinating to my children than a Disney movie. The play equipment was wonderful, full of different types of climbing structures, platforms and slides. My only complaint was that the water feature was between the water and the toddler park. When the wind blew off the river, the equipment got wet. Also, it will be pretty hot there until the trees surrounding the playground grow in, read 15-20 years.

Kaylee went down a wet slide and came back skipping and dancing saying "Watabut!"

"What Kaylee?"

She leaped, danced and jumped grabbing her backside singing joyously: "Wa-Ter Butt! Water Butt!"

"Water butt?"

"WATER BUTT! WATER BUTT!" Like some crazy toddler cheerleader for a wet t-shirt contest.

The landscaping was just glorious with winding paths surrounded by hundreds of thousands of daylillies and other blooming flowers. There were foot bridges across the the canals.

I just don't understand why the city of Cambridge isn't trumpeting this new gem from the rooftops? Why no ribbon cutting ceremony?

But if you have a chance, get down there. It's just fabulous. And there's limited free parking too...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - this is my first time reading your blog - Found you through the Globe. We love that park as well. My husband works at EF Education and we have wtached that park sit unused for two years. The rumor is there was and may still be a dispute between the City of Boston and Cambridge and who should insure the park. We were just there on Friday - I highly recommend it! Oh no - Once the word gets out it will be impossible to park!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

I think getting there on the bus or green line could be part of the adventure if it comes to that...

Just not on a day where they're predicting thunderstorms.

8:06 PM  

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