Monday, June 09, 2008

My Yard is full of 4 Leaf Clovers

I spent half of the weekend in my office replacing a system board in my server. It decided to die on me on Friday afternoon after I had left for the day. This caused to miss most of my sister's graduation party, because I was upstairs on the phone trying to figure out what was going on scheduling HP to come in and replace parts. Then I stressed my way through the part that I did attend. I found myself too stressed to eat, and considering that I hadn't eaten much all day, that is a lot of stress. But we got the board replace and the thing came up eventually and all was well before midnight.

Eric has a broken arm, which is probably bothering me much more than it is bothering him. He has a cast over his elbow. We get it removed on the 25th and we'll replace it with a wrist cast for another three weeks, and hopefully we're done by mid July. But aside for being frustrated the can't climb ("I like to climb, Mommy. I like it a lot.") or run, and when I told him that he couldn't ride his bike this morning, well that was a bit of an awakening. I came into the garage, and he was determinedly trying to put on his bike helmet with his good hand. I said "Sweetie, you can't ride your bike until you get your cast off."

"Awwww..." Each limitation hits him anew and causes him a fresh coat of total frustration. But I have to say that he's been in remarkably good spirits in spite of it.

I'm not sure how he broke it. He jumped off the play structure at Yellow Park on Monday and landed on it badly. But by the end of the night he was favoring it, but could pull him self up on a fence with it and write. And he insisted that it was better. But on Wednesday, he tripped on his pants and Kaboom he fell on it. Something. Wasn't. Right. But I really thought he was fine. HE thought he was fine. But my husband who has experience with these things said, "Nope, it's broken. I'm taking him to the ER." The ER docs thought he was fine but grudgingly agreed to perform a "just in case" X-Ray and Lo and Behold, there was a small ulnar fracture on his right arm.

So, I wept tears of maternal inadequacy. But Rich said "Honey, we're a team. Sometimes you catch these things, and sometimes I do. That's the way it works." And I wept tears of gratitude that I married such a fundamentally decent man. They are in short supply.

And in totally unrelated news, we're doing the Obama Happy Dance over here at my house.



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