Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flower Day

When I was a girl
My mom and I would always talk
I picked flowers everywhere that I walked...

-When I was a Boy by Dar Williams

We spent the weekend at The Farm in Western, MA. Thanks to my dad's sense of poetry, the hillsides are covered with thousands of different varieties of daffodils. Eric spent his days outside and coming into the house with his hands behind his back grinning broadly. Then he'd proffer four or five bent daffodils and melt my heart. "I picked you some flowers, Mommy! They're for you!"

Then, I'd have to spend about 10 minutes thanking him and cuddling him. He was just so pleased with himself. It's the first mother's day that he's understood. He dictated cards to me that thanked me for making him pasta and buying him shoes. I am bowled over. He notices that I do those things? Who knew?

My babysitter made me a scrap book with the kids for mother's day, complete with ripped paper arranged artfully. If I tried to do it, it would look like it had been done by a right handed kindergartener with left handed scissors. But her scrap book looked like it had been supervised by a non-evil Martha Stewart. It was just beautiful with lots of pictures of the kids and their handprints.

Mother's day is pretty cool this year.

For a Hallmark holiday.


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