Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Outraged Liberal on Sarah Palin

This working mom is nothing like me. OK, aside from the fact that she seems to be completely evil. I picture her eating a fresh moose liver while standing over her newly gutted kill holding a knife with blood dripping down her face while she laughs and laughs. But the spotlight on her as the epitome of successful working motherhood is just dangerous and irresponsible. Who needs the Family Medical Leave Act? You only really need three days of maternity leave, even when your child has Downs Syndrome. That is the complete opposite of the example I'd like our Momaticians to be making. Let them take six months to show that EVERY job is delegatable. That's what lieutenant governors are for. You can work from home part time for a few months if you're that freaking important. But this is just horrific.

And if this were a democrat with a pregnant teenager? OH MY GOD. Stop the fucking presses. The right leaning press would turn the poor child into a freakshow about how liberal values and sex education cause teenage pregnancy. Nobody's commenting on how "well" abstinence only education works. Look how well it worked for Sarah Palin's daughter! But she's getting married! That makes it OK. Let me get this straight. It's OK for teenagers to be deprived of information about how to protect themselves against pregnancy and STD's as long as they get MARRIED after they get pregnant? What kind of logic is that? What kind of a chance does a marriage of two teenagers have? My brain hurts every time I turn on the radio with the dissonance this is creating.

Can't wait to hear the rest of the Jerry Springer episode this trashy family will bring when under the spotlight of a federal campaign.


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