Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lumpy and Eddie Haskel: A tale of two....

I have this lump on my right breast. It's nothing dangerous, the doctor called it a sebaceous cyst and it kind of gets infected from time to time, and it's a bit unsightly when I'm wearing a bathing suit but it really annoys me. I've renamed my right breast "Lumpy" so of course my left one has become (much to the dismay of my husband) "Eddie Haskel." Once the lump goes away, their names will cease to exist. TMI? Probably.

So, almost a year ago, when it first appeared, I went to the doctor and he sent me to a surgeon. Unfortunately, the appointment fell somewhere during the middle of the week when my entire family got the stomach flu. I did not make the appointment.

So, months later I was visiting the doctor with my daughter (back when she and I had the same doctor) and I showed it to her. She sent me to the Breast Center at the Cambridge Hospital. The Guy-Who-Looks-at-Boobs-for-a-Living told me, I'd have to meet with the Guy-who-pokes-holes-in-boobs-for-a-living for another appointment so he could see it and that would be followed by another appointment where he would remove the lump.

They never called me for that appointment. So, I asked the nurse practitioner about it when I was in for something else at my new doctor and she sent me to a surgeon.

I saw that surgeon and scheduled a time to remove it. I had to reschedule that appointment because I was going to be on vacation and then I scheduled it for today. I got about ten different phonecalls but managed to make it to the appointment.

I was at the reception desk when my cellphone rang. I was having a childcare crisis and I had to leave immediately. ARGH.

So, I rescheduled. We'll see if Lumpy disappears in two weeks.


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