Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hey... What's that thing growing out of my chin?

It's getting harder to keep up with those hairs. Not quite ready to write my Roman a Clef about my mustache. But perhaps I'll come to terms with it eventually. At least it's blond.

Kaylee is turning three in a couple of weeks. We're celebrating this weekend. What was supposed to be a kid party has turned into a free for all of everybody we know with kids and 10 families = at least 40 people. I just hope there's enough food.

I am happy to report that we are 99% done with diapers in my house (other than over night) and my need NOT to procreate ever again is so visceral right now. I love these two kids and I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN.

'Nuff said.

I'm trying to figure out what do about this little problem I have where I tell Kaylee that she can't have something (her pacifier) or watch something on TV and she throws a HUGE tantrum. I ignore said tantrum and continue to do dishes or think of clever 256 character updates for my facebook page and I realize that said tantrum has stopped because her big hearted brother can't stand the tantrum and has given into her demands.

"I just wanted her to feel better." You can't argue with that, and it's not his job to set limits and teach her things. It's mine. But he undermines me and that's not good. But I spend all this time telling him that he needs to look out for her and take care of her. And I guess in his mind and heart this is just part of that. So, in a sense he's following our directive for him. But it's in conflict with whatever discipline I'm trying desperately to enforce... "No Kaylee a tsunami sized tantrum will not get you your way... At least not from me..." As I watch Eric go solve the problem in his own way.

He's not undermining me as some sort of power struggle. He's following his big heart and I really don't want to F*&^K with that because the world will harden his sweet nature because that's what life does. So for now, I'll deal with a bit of subterfuge in the name of watching an important lifelong relationship bud. A relationship that if I'm lucky will outlive me by a long time.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if there are any hairs longer than an inch growing out of any part of my face now. Because you never know...


Blogger Downpuppy said...

31 day gap since your last post. Glad to see you've spent it productively growing something.

I've always avoided saying no more than necessary. Some things are safety issues, everything else is negotiable.

Our daughter arrived in the world negotiating (we're terribly afraid she'll end up a lawyer), so it works out. But then, from a very early age, most of her rare displays of tears were pure display, subject to instant stoppage when she decides they're not useful.

The remainder are brutal.

ps - the google code for this post is "deval".

3:11 PM  

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