Friday, June 18, 2004

We're off to Minnesota for a week tomorrow so no blogging for a week or so. I know my vast public will be SO disappointed!!

Thanks to Rich's inattention to details, we now have an extra thousand dollars. He didn't know we were escrowing our insurance, so he went to pay it. But I said he didn't have to, and I was right, so GO ME.

Eric was really fun today. Rich surprised me by telling me he had to day off. He didn't want to tell me ahead of time in case it didn't work out. But last night he brought home "50 First Dates" and said we could stay up late and watch it because he didn't have to work tomorrow. Fifty First Dates was way better than I expected. David Lindsay-Abaire who I went to college with wrote a play about a woman who lost her memory every time she went to sleep. The movie stole much of that plot, but it wasn't dark like David's play.

It took me two hours to get Eric to take a 40 minute nap. sigh.. My breasts are completely flat from all the nursing.

Breastfeeding was such a monumental struggle for me for the first few months. My nipples split in two and it was the most painful thing I've ever done (including labor). I had to stop nursing on my right side and just pump because my nipple was so badly damaged. I almost gave up after 12 weeks, but it got easier. From the time I started nursing in the hospital it was so painful. I couldn't believe it. Every time he latched on my toes would curl and I'd try not to scream. I took naproxin three times a day just to get through the pain. It hurt when I wasn't nursing and it hurt more when I was. But it just started to get better and then it stopped hurting completely. I can't believe how easy it is now. I'm so glad I stuck with it.

Now I just have to worry about weaning him..

It's always something!!!


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