Friday, July 09, 2004

Faux marble rules.

As usual I'm watching some variant of HGTV. I'm SO hooked.

I'm completely spent tonight. more so than usual, and I'm not sure why. I went to Trader Joe's this morning. Then I got The Boy to take a short nap and we had lunch. Then I took him into Boston on the T for the first time.


The elevators on the T are horrific. And from what I understand they're better than they use to be. They're slow and they smell like pee. And even worse, they don't always work. I had to schlep Eric's stroller down a couple flights of stairs at South Station. This was after we found the out-of-the-way elevator that went to the hallway to the Redline. When I got out of the Long Hallway, I wasn't sure which way the redline was because of the throng of commuters flooding from the door I was supposed to go in. I thought maybe they were getting off a different train. (no idea why I thought that, I guess I was still rattled from the Long Hallway). But I shoved the stroller through the throng and found the turnstyles. Then I found the elevator down to the platform was out. So I carried the stroller down. It was heavy and people were trying to get around me. Cranky people were trying to get around me.

But it was a lovely day. Eric and I went to the Frog Pond downtown, where he splashed and frolicked. He kept trying to crawl through the water. His head was well above the surface, but I was worried he'd fall and drown. So I held his hands and he walked through the water taking these giant steps. He moves his feet as far apart as possible then throws his weight in the direction he wants to go. If we're holding him he can lurch quite a ways like that. Only this time, he was trying to splash as much water as possible while we he walked. Then I took him up and his diaper weighed about 15 lbs and puffed his little tushy out like a bowling ball was stuffed underneath his onesie.

But I got him into dry clothes on the grass on the Boston Common. He played with a ziplock bag full of cheerios to distract him while I snuck the new clothes on him. Getting him dressed is all about distractions these days. Unless he's holding an object that he thinks he's not supposed to have, he just flips around and around and it's impossible to fasten his diaper, wipe his tushie, dress him, undress him, put lotion on him and all the other things you need to do to a baby to keep him safe and dry.

Then we went by my office for a visit. He played with all my coworkers. Then I took him to Rich's office and he played with Rich's coworkers. He was a hit. He didn't fuss at all, he just flirted with everybody and had a great time.

My parents came over for dinner. I made a marinade with Dijon mustard, maple syrup, red wine, chicken broth, balsamic vinegar and orange zest. It came out fabulous.

All in all it was an A+ day with my family.


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