Thursday, August 25, 2005

Moving from Limbo to Limbo

I'm home today trying to psyche myself up for a scintillating day of packing. So far I've taken a shower and bought croissants. I'm really being productive.

The contractor says we're still on target for the 9th, but Rich pointed out they're a week behind where they said they would be for us to meet that date. I'm just shrugging and hoping. We have to be out of our place by the first, so we're moving our furniture into storage and the infinite boxes o' crap into the garage. Then we stuff ourselves into my childhood bedroom on the third floor. Sounds fun? Actually, it's not so bad. Next week will be kind of crappy and stressful, but my parents are trying really hard to make this as easy as possible on us. The following week is Labor Day and I think they'll be at the Farm for the week, so it will seem more like housesitting than living with my parents.

But the house is coming along. They'll probably be done framing the second floor of the addition today. The first floor is done and it looks really good. The electricians are wiring away and as soon as the plumber gets the heating system put back together, we can get walls and insulation back up. That would be very nice....

I just wish I wasn't so exhausted. But more on that later.


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