Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We dressed Eric in a black shirt with glow-in-the-dark bones and he went as a "Telliton!" for Halloween. After ringing a few doorbells he got really into it. He would yell "Trick or Treat" all the way to the door, then when the person opened it, we'd say "Trick or treat, Eric. Say Trick or Treat." and he'd say "Candy!" Every time. It was quite awesome.

Looks like we're moving this weekend. The contractors are cranking away. They should be out of the third floor by the end of the day today, and they'll be out of the second floor tomorrow. Bob seems to have hypnotized the electrican and the plumber into showing up. Hey, whatever works, right?

Still no bites on the condo yet. Send us good thoughts. The market is a bitch right now... For sellers anyhow. But people are still looking at it, which is good. Now that Fall is here, we can have the fireplaces going for Open Houses. I think that will help a lot.


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