Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina, you Bitch

I've been glued to the news with angst and frustration listening to FEMA and Bush lie and watching the press ignore that. The head of FEMA said the didn't know that people were in the Convention Center. It was on the news for Gods Sake. Bush said the Levys didn't break until Tuesday, but they broke on Monday and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion by Sunday night. Wisconsin Public Radio reported that Bush snuck in a round of golf between leaving Crawford and returning to Washington. He'll get away with it. He always does.

Oh these poor people! I remember watching the fallout from 9/11, tears streaming down my face and my hand over my mouth. There was nothing we could do. People gave blood, money and none of it made any difference. The people had leapt, they had died. The rescue effort was mostly for the rescuers. But this time around blood and money will make a HUGE difference. I'm watching the news to see if other states besides Texas will start opening up shelters, but so far I haven't heard anything. I think there's a few in Tennessee.

The busses are finally taking people out of the Convention Center and the Superdome. But then what? Most of these folks have lost everything. Their houses, their jobs everything is gone. They can't live in convention centers, school cafeterias and football stadiums forever. What happens next.

My heart goes out to all of them, and my wallet goes to the Red Cross. And my middle finger goes to the Vacationing President. Six years of homeland security as a high priority and you leave babies with no water in the middle of a large American City. Good going. How is this different from a major terrorist attack as far as planning and response? It's so embarrassing.

At least this time we can help. My heart goes out to all the women clutching their glazed-eyed hungry babies. They're tired, scared and thirsty. If we could just get them the fuck out of New Orleans the generous spirit of the American people will see them through the next month or two. I know it will. They're flooded with volunteers and offers of help, diapers, clothes, food anything. That's the real America, not this sit on your thumb until everybody is desperate and dying before you do anything.

God Bless.


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