Thursday, October 06, 2005

What is it with comment spam? Suddenly I've been inundated with comments that say "Nice Blog. Please check out my blog on Advanced Pen Systems." Or whatever they're hawking at the moment. I know my friends and family read this blog, but they are way too lazy to ever make a comment (with very few exceptions and you know who you are!) So, a comment is kind of a nice thing, unless it's spam. Then it just pisses me off.

Things are humming along. We may get another really low-ball offer on the condo. (Yes, it's still for sale). I just want out. I learned my lesson last time we got a half decent offer, we should have taken it. But at the time, every open house generated 2nd showings and there was so much momentum. Then we had the fire and lost the spring market. By the time we went back on the market, it was mid July and the weekends were hotter than hell and kept people in their houses. Now there's 300 + condos for sale in Somerville, and 400+ for sale in Cambridge, so there's a lot of competition out there. Breathe. It will sell. It's just so beautiful and unique and so different from all the recently renovated crap out there.

Our new house is cranking along, but we are entering a lull as the plaster dries. They finished boarding and plastering and it takes a week for it to completely dry. Otherwise the moisture would warp the floors. But getting the walls done is HUGE. Now we just need the floors and we can move in. Yaay! I think they can start on the finish trim tomorrow. For some reason they can do that, but not the floors.


Eric has gotten into "Shake Your Booty." I started singing it to him and he sang it too. Rich got it off of iTunes yesterday and he was shaking his booty at 7 this morning while he played trains. Man.. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Toddler-Dancing is most likely the reason the human species keeps replenishing itself. It's just awesome to watch him shaking his little but screaming "shake your BOOOOOTY!!!"


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