Monday, September 26, 2005

Judging Parents

I try hard not to judge other parents, but sometimes I just can't help it. Sometimes I suck at this non-judging thing. I have deep seated issues with older kids and pacifiers. It makes me NUTS to see a kid that has a basic grasp of the English language speaking it with a pacifier in their mouth. People let their four and five year old kids run around with those things in their mouths. I suppose everybody's got to pick their battles, and if it's not worth it to you, it's not worth it. But don't they know how creepy that looks? Not to mention it's really bad for their teeth after a while.

Yesterday at the Zoo I saw a family pulling their five-year-old daughter around in a wagon while she reclined and sucked her thumb. I watched her get out of the car, so she didn't seem to be physically disabled, and she was yelling at her parents that she has ALREADY SEEN that exhibit so they should move on. So she had plenty of mental capacity. It just seemed so strange for them to be pulling her around like she was a baby. Maybe she had been sick or something recently. It was just a little creepy.


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