Friday, November 04, 2005

We're moving tomorrow! The last coat of varnish went onto the floors yesterday afternoon. Rich is going over there tonight to paint and maybe put down the rugs if the floor is dry enough. We're mostly cleaning and preparing tomorrow, but we're really close.

Once we're moved in, there's still a few weeks of work for the contractors to do.

They have to hook up the kitchen sinks (regular sink and bar sink for the island)
Hook up the gas cooktop
Install the formica countertop
Hang pendant lights over countertop
finish tile in the half bath
Install sink, toilet etc in half bath
Install washer and dryer in basement
Paint exterior of house

There's a few little things besides that, but that's most of it!

So very cool.


Blogger HappyPete said...

How exciting!

Pam and I can't wait to see the place--not a foamboard model any more, eh?!

12:17 AM  

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